Thursday, 26 June 2014

So Much Growth in a Fortnight!

Is it really over 2 weeks since I posted last? Time flies when you are having fun and busy in the garden and outside the veggie garden there is family too ;)
Since last time there has been some great growth and warm weather and loads of watering to keep plants moist and happy.
I am also happy that my sweetcorn is doing so well now that I have to check them regularly for ripeness. Their tassles are browning nicely and this is what they look like now :)

 My favourite veggie/fruit are tomatoes and there are many little toms coming along nicely, but the hanging basket Trailing Pearl are ripening daily,some are tiny, but some are a good size too...

And all my "extra" tomatoes.....side shoots and spares...have found places around the tunnel and garden to put down their roots!

1 Mini Cucumbers and 10 Sweet Red Peppers are doing good and fruiting well...

One little robin, who we thing is elderly and needs company has been following us around the garden every day. He comes to the kitchen window when no food (porridge oats) are strewn around the garden for him or when we sit outside he comes and sits with us...

Our 2 girls had a day out at the weekend too....and now I know where the saying "headless chickens" came from....:)

Perfect end to a perfect weekend ...strawberries with crunchy ice cream....yummy ;)

This evening I cleared some old peas from the hothouse and dug in some smelly but gorgeous seaweed in readiness for autumn/winter brassicas.
I hope you enjoyed my tour around my veggie garden and Come Back Soon:
Catherine C.


  1. A lovely post and terrific photos. It's all looking good, and I like your friendly robin.
    Thanks for the tour, and happy gardening. Flighty xx